Daniel Tosh Gets Punched By Manny Pacquiao, Insults Floyd Mayweather

  • Glenn Davis

Daniel Tosh is, on his Comedy Central show tosh.0, kind of a dick. It’s by design – the entire point is for him to make snarky and, well, dickish fish-in-a-barrel comments on viral internet videos – but it doesn’t really work for us the same reason Joel McHale’s The Soup persona grates on us – their job is to stand up let us watch the smugness drip from their pores. (We should note that this is a problem local to this type of “stand up and make fun of things” show – McHale is fantastic on Community.)

All this is a way of saying: Daniel Tosh’s tosh.0 persona is probably not someone you’d mind seeing get clocked in the jaw. Quite possibly realizing this, Tosh recently filmed a segment whose main purpose was…him getting punched in the jaw. By Manny Pacquiao. Yes, that Manny Pacquiao. How’d it go? You know how it went. But you also know you want to see it anyway.

And yes, we did like the little Mayweather dig at the end there…partially because it is a bit surreal to think that Daniel Tosh now has more experience in the ring with Pacquiao than Floyd Mayweather. Is this the shaming Mayweather needs?