Mark Cuban Offers To Donate $1 Million To Charity If Donald Trump Shaves Head

  • Joe Levine

I love Mark Cuban, and not just because I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan and he saved the franchise from perpetual mediocrity, ultimately building a team that became the 2011 NBA Champions. No, I love him because he’s just a regular guy who happens to have billions of dollars. And like a regular guy, he has done what so many of us would do if we could afford to basically throw away millions of dollars: he has offered Donald Trump $1 million to shave his head.

Of course, Cuban’s offer is in response to Trump’s idiotic proposal to President Barack Obama to release his college transcripts and passport records by November 1 and in exchange, Trump would donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice. Because that’s all the integrity of the presidency is worth. Thanks, Donald.

Check out Cuban’s response and proposal to Trump:

In response to the multimillion dollar hoopla, Cuban said this week that Trump’s $5 million challenge was “one of the dumbest things ever.” He then went on to offer Trump a challenge of his own.

“Donald, you shave your head, $1 million to any charity you want,” Cuban said on Fox 4 News. He added that he’d be willing to go up to $2 million if that would sweeten the deal.

Here’s the video, via Dallas News:

Dallas News |

No word from Trump as to whether he’ll take Cuban up on his offer just yet, but if it helps at all, I’d be willing to kick in a few dollars to add to the pot. Come on, Trumpy. End the animal abuse and release that chinchilla living on your skull back into the wild.

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