Mark Cuban And Bill Simmons Are Fighting On Twitter, And Dan Gilbert Is Correcting Misspellings

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Mark Cuban has a history of successfully trolling highly-visible ESPN sports writers. However, winning an argument with Bill Simmons inherently requires a lot more fight than one with Skip Bayless.

But what’s the best part of this little feud? Dan Gilbert retweeted it, correcting the misspellings.

This is akin to someone reblogging his angry LeBron diatribe on Tumblr, but changing the font from Comic Sans to Times New Roman. The properly-spelled tweet doesn’t do it justice. His RT completely changes Cuban’s original tone. Stupid Dan Gilbert ruins everything.

And wait! The Sports Guy gets criticized all the time, but he’s not letting this one go.

Boom. Empirical evidence!!! Cuban might be smart, but he said Simmons has never made a smart personnel comment. The argument is over now. Two > Zero. Logic! What say you now, Mark?

Uh oh. Cuban’s digging himself in a hole now. It’s pretty clear he meant “two smart personnel comments.” Just give up! Seems like Simmons is the clear victor as of now. Cuban probably won’t give up, but he should. Fighting with a sports writer when your team isn’t having a great offseason isn’t a wise idea. Just tweet @RealSkipBayless that he’s stupid and knows nothing, and victory will be yours again. Or just TwitPic a pic of yourself in a bathtub full of money. That’d shut anyone up.

[h/t reddit]