Mark Jackson Joins ESPN With 5-Year Deal As A Front Runner Emerges For Knicks Job

  • Jake O'Donnell

Someone probably told Mark Jackson he wasn’t getting the Knicks job. How do we know this? We don’t — but it seems logical because ESPN doesn’t pay $5 million a season. Otherwise, we imagine he would have stuck around to see if he was getting the gig.

Someone else is going to be running the Knicks next season — and he’s still in the playoffs. Hell, Mark Jackson might even commentate one of his games, seeing as he’ll be reportedly working these playoffs alongside former Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy and MSG play-by-play guy Mike Breen.

[NY Post] Oklahoma City guard Derek Fisher, who played under Phil Jackson with the Los Angeles Lakers, is emerging as a leading candidate to join Jackson in New York now that Jackson’s first choice…

Jackson’s plan, according to a source, would be to assemble an experienced staff around Fisher that could potentially include Kurt Rambis and Bill Cartwright, two former NBA head coaches. Jackson thinks highly of Rambis, the longtime Lakers assistant, and there is a possibility that Rambis could be hired as a head coach.

Say what you will about the three names mentioned here. Inexperienced. Unproven. Unsuccessful. But there’s one thing you can’t complain about: They’re people to coach the Knicks.

After getting burned by the new Warriors coach and ESPN’d by the former Golden State coach, the pickins seemed to grow slimmer by the day. A regime of former Bulls and Lakers isn’t exactly music to Knicks’ fans ears, but it’s better than nothing and clearly part of Phil’s plan.

The Knicks haven’t had a direction since 1994. More over, Derek Fisher is a perfect puppet for Phil Jackson a la Eric Spolestra. Mark Jackson was a lot of things, but a puppet was not one of them.

We’re expecting a deal to be done as soon as Serge Ibaka’s injury gets the Thunder booted from the Western Conference Finals in the coming week.