Another ESPNer Sitcom? Pilot Script For Show Based On Mark Schlereth Leaks

  • Glenn Davis

Ever wished someone would write a sitcom pilot based on your life? Get a job at ESPN; it seems they’re all the rage lately. You already know about the Colin Cowherd sitcom, and last night, Deadspin leaked the script for another ESPN-personality-based sitcom…this one inspired by NFL analyst Mark Schlereth.

Like the Cowherd pilot, this show (titled Home Game) is slated for CBS. Like the Cowherd pilot, this script doesn’t show much promise. Unlike the Cowherd pilot, Rob Riggle is slated to star as the Schlereth character. And Riggle’s been a part of several projects we admire – The Daily Show and Human Giant among them. In those projects, though, he was working with good material. In this show…

Mark: I’m drying my body in the sun, the way nature intended. Also, from here I get a great view of my lawn. (ADMIRING) Magnificent.

Lisa [Mark’s wife]: Well, our neighbors are getting a view of your lawn. And our street isn’t zoned for peep shows.

Unsurprisingly, though, aside from what Deadspin correctly labeled a surprising amount of focus on Mark’s penis (see the block-quoted excerpt above, for example), the show will largely be about Mark’s family life and his relationship with his daughters (in real life, Schlereth’s daughter Alexandria is the subject of much discussion of this type). It’s another CBS family sitcom. This is what they do.

We can’t begrudge Schlereth for being excited the project seems to be getting off the ground. From that excitement, he seems more invested in the project than Cowherd is in the show based on him. But again…it’s another CBS multicamera family sitcom. They’ve been done to death, and generally not done particularly well. Alas, based on what we’ve seen of this pilot, we’re not expecting any more this time around.

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