Masters 2017: Sergio García Wins His First Major Title

Masters 2017: Sergio García Wins His First Major Title
  • Grace Pfeifle

After a tough battle with Justin Rose, Sergio García rose to the occasion and won his first major title at the age of 37. The competition was tough, as standouts like Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler were in the pairing immediately before Garcia and Rose. As well as Rory McilRoy and Adam Scott, it seemed as though anyone could have taken the famed green jacket.

Throughout Sunday, the battle between Rose and García heightened. When one would take two steps forward, the other would take three. The cumulation of the tension came to a head at the 15th hole. García was behind Rose by two strokes, and needed a 14 ft putt to tie. García nailed it, watch here:

The next three holes would decide who would be the next champion. At the final hole, both had great drives that gave them each a chance to win. Rose was away and hit a shot that could have landed him a birdie, but García’s shot was better and closer. Roses’s putt was off about an inch to the right. García had a chance to get ahead, but he misread his putt as well and both players ended with a par on the hole, and a playoff was forced. Watched García’s attempted birdie here:

Off the playoff tee, Rose’s shot went behind the trees while García’s landed right in the middle of the fairway, giving him the confidence to hit his next shot in the middle of the green. After his missed drive, Rose missed his putt and bogeyed the hole. That gave García two putts to win the Masters, he sunk the first one. And with the birdie, Sergio García won the 2017 Masters and the coveted green jacket. Watch the winning putt here:

With his first major title win at age 37, fellow golfers, including rival Tiger Woods, congratulated García:

A well-earned win by García, the moment he put the elusive green jacket on was very emotional. Watch it here: