Matt Harvey Gave A Horrible Interview On The Dan Patrick Show And Got Ripped Apart Afterwards

  • Eric Goldschein

matt harvey interviewThis is one of the most awkward interviews, and post-interview rap sessions, in the history of media. Matt Harvey, who is reportedly opting to not have Tommy John surgery, came on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss the big news. Actually, no, he came on to “honor” Qualcomm, a telephone company?

It was a huge fail for Harvey and the phone company, and it left Patrick’s crew in an uncomfortable lurch. As Patrick says himself, the point of these sponsored interviews (and we’ve had a few of them ourselves) isn’t because we love phone companies or underwear or whatever you’re selling. It’s supposed to be a mutually beneficial exchange.

Watch, and listen, if you can:

A few more reactions from around the media world:

Matt, until you master the art of the quality interview, we’re gonna keep banging Derek Jeter, okay?