(Former) ESPN Analyst Matthew Barnaby Arrested For DWI (UPDATE: Fired By ESPN)

  • Glenn Davis

ESPN NHL analyst and former player Matthew Barnaby has been in the news a fair amount over the last year, as far as NHL analysts go. First, it was that he was dating beloved coworker Michelle Beadle. And then…it got a little less harmless, as he was arrested over a domestic dispute with his estranged wife. Not long after, word got out he and Beadle were no longer an item.

And while Barnaby’s been on ESPN since this all went down, sadly, it looks like his troubles aren’t over just yet: yesterday, Barnaby was arrested for DWI in New York state. His vehicle was described as having “significant front end damage,” and it’s reported Barnaby himself failed several field sobriety tests and declined a breathalyzer. Oh, and did we mention that his car only had three tires on it?!

Erie County Sheriff’s Deputies Gene Nati and Brandon Stott responded to a 911 call of an SUV driving erratically without a front tire.

This led to the discovery of a Black Porche Cayenne driving on the rim causing sparks. The vehicle had significant front end damage and was missing the driver’s side front tire. Deputy Nati initiated a stop of the vehicle.

Maybe Barnaby will make his way back on the air again. We hope he can bounce back from this. But he drove a car that was missing a tire. Suffice to say, this development is, um, not good. UPDATE: Indeed it was a not-good enough development that Barnaby was fired by ESPN. Not a shock.