Mess With JaVale McGee’s Mom At Your Own Peril

  • Eric Goldschein

Seeing Pamela McGee explains so much about her son. The former WNBA player and coach from Flint, Michigan was at last night’s Nuggets-Lakers game in Denver, and she was into it. Her passion for the game could certainly be perceived as anger, but if you were the first WNBA player with a kid in the NBA, you’d have your son’s back too. We wouldn’t talk smack about JaVale with her in the building though.

We can only imagine that this guy said something about JaVale getting touch-fouled by Pau Gasol last night:

But again, it’s not anger — it’s love of the game, and support for her son (also known as “the future of the NBA”). Every basketball team could use a player with this much passion — the Nuggets should be glad she’s on their side:

[h/t Buzzfeed, photos via SBNation]