The Miami Heat Harlem Shake Will Make You Feel Strong Feelings Towards The Miami Heat

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

I don’t like us talking about the Harlem Shake any more than you do, but it would’ve felt wrong if we didn’t share this rendition with you. Ladies and gentlemen, the beasts of the East, your Miami Heat doing the Harlem Shake:

Chances are, you already feel strongly one way or another towards the Miami Heat. If that feeling is one of amiability, then chances are you will only fawn over LeBron, Dwyane and the gang even more after watching this. If you can’t stand the team from South Beach, then Birdman and his cronies certainly won’t put themselves any higher in your favor.

It was an interesting choice to make Chris Andersen the lone dancer in the beginning, though didn’t they break Harlem Shake protocol by not donning him in some kind of headwear? They also didn’t have a lot of the token costumes the Shake usually calls for, but instead dressed up in nickname-appropriate attire, like James a shirtless king or Mario Chalmers as Super Mario.

I guess you can afford to do these things when you’ve won 12 games in a row. Don’t know if and when we’ll get our Washington Wizards Harlem Shake.