Michael Jordan Is Being Sued By A Woman Who Claims He Fathered Her Son

  • Glenn Davis

OK, let’s face it – it’s basically never a shock when a famous person fathers a child with a woman other than the woman to whom the famous person is married. Fame and/or money have strange ways of making sex easier to come by, and often, famous people do not turn down these chances. So maybe it’s not exactly stunning news that Michael Jordan has allegedly done this – a woman named Pamela Smith recently filed a paternity suit against him – but he’s Michael Jordan, so everyone’s going to talk about it anyway.

The alleged Jordan love child, Taj, was born in 1996, and posted a video in which he claimed to be Jordan’s son in December. Of course, back in 1996, Jordan was still married to ex-wife Juanita (he’s now engaged), making the whole story – if the allegation is, y’know, actually true – a bit more salacious. And our stance is it’s best not to condemn Jordan just yet. Still, if the allegations in question prove to be true, we’ve seen this song and dance with enough celebrities not to be gobsmacked, we’d say.

As for fake Michael Jordan? He doesn’t seem to be sweating it.

The Fish is tough to faze.