Michelle Beadle Thinks Her Relationship With Erin Andrews Is Like Tiger Woods And Sergio Garcia’s (Minus The Racism)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

This is from Tuesday, but just came to our attention (and we’re sorta into this sorta thing, as evidenced by our lengthy feature on stalkers and creepy packages and their relation to Beadle). Apparently, the Erin Andrews vs. Michelle Beadle “feud” is a real thing, sort of. We discovered this via a Beadle interview on the Dan Patrick show.

Skip to 9:45.

So, it’s a thing, but it’s not a thing that affects her life. But that’s because she clearly tries to avoid Andrews. So, feud! Two popular people! Sports!

But, not especially exciting. Oh, well. If you’re looking for an actual, physical fight in sports media, you’ll have to send the baddest internet thug on Twitter, to Bristol, and sic him on Skip Bayless. There will be blood.

[Bleacher Report]

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