Michelle Beadle Is Reportedly Leaving ESPN

  • Dan Fogarty

ESPN is now 1-for-2 in 2012 free agency.

Michelle Beadle, the popular co-host of ESPN2’s SportsNation (and who many in Bristol believed was the company’s most important personality) is leaving the network, and has signed a deal with NBC Universal, reports SportsByBrooks.

SbB has learned Michelle Beadle will depart ESPN for NBC Sports with the plan for her to land eventually at Access Hollywood as co-host.

Before Beadle transitions to NBCUniversal-distributed Access Hollywood, she’ll cover Olympics, appear on Today Show, among other duties.

Beadle was one of three important expiring contracts at ESPN, along with Scott Van Pelt (who’s staying) and Erin Andrews (who hasn’t decided yet). When we spoke with her in April, she sounded like a person who wanted to do non-sports TV work — and, as you can see, that appears to be a major component of the NBC deal.

UPDATE: Hold the phone: The Big Lead reports that the deal is not yet done.

Beadle to NBC def not a done deal. Looks good for NBC, though. Gotta wonder how much Espn’s Wildhack will sweeten the pot to keep her.

UPDATE 2: Jim Miller is now reporting that Beadle-to-NBC is a done deal, and she’ll co-host Access Hollywood.