Michelle Beadle Was A Tomboy, Used To Have To Deal With Michael Kay (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

Michelle Beadle hosted “Mike and Mike in the Morning” today on ESPN Radio, and as part of her introduction to the show’s fans, was asked a series of questions by cohost Mike Greenberg.

Among the things we learn about Michelle: she’s from Texas, she was a tomboy growing up who had mostly dude friends, and before she came to ESPN she worked for the YES Network, covering Nets basketball and occasionally appearing on the Michael Kay Show.

“It really is [a challenge dealing with Michael Kay],” she said jokingly. “The egos take up most of the air in the room. It’s amazing.”

In case you’re just joining us, Beadle’s popularity has skyrocketed ever since she posted this picture of her right before the ESPYsshe’s gone from 74th on SportsGrid’s Power Grid to 14th in a matter of weeks. Video of her intro segment is here: