Asks Michelle Jenneke To Pose Nude

  • Evan Sporer

Michelle Jenneke is turning into something of an international phenomena. The Australian hurdler became an Internet sensation for her pre-race stretch-dance routine last week, and although the 19-year old runner may not be making an appearance at the Olympics, she’ll probably be garnering as much (if not more) attention than many Olympians.

Including from

The website, which describes itself as “a social content sharing service website where users collect and share their best sex videos and sex photos,” has asked Jennekke to pose nude. In return, the site said it will make “a sizable donation to the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).”

I don’t know how much this “sizable donation” would amount to, but to sell pictures of yourself to seems kind of low. I mean, this website isn’t even trying to hide the fact that it’s basically a sleazy service. At least get a little creative with the name. If I’m paying top dollar, I want a little production value.

No word from Jenneke on if she’ll pose for the website. Don’t know how that would help or hurt her standing in terms of future Olympic qualifying. On the one hand, she’s not a great runner, and would have a naked-Internet reputation. One the other hand, she would have just earned the ASC some money. Oh, the tough choices that come with YouTube superstardom.


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