Gif Of Michelle Jenneke In The Rain Threatens To Break Internet

  • Glenn Davis

Remember Michelle Jenneke? No? How about now? Now it rings a bell, right? Your favorite warmup-dancing hurdler? Well, what if an extra element were thrown into her pre-race routine? An element like… rain? Does that still sound like something you’d be interested in seeing? Because it happened:

Much was made during Brett Favre’s career about the enthusiasm with which he played, how “he’s just having fun out there.” People said this so often, in fact, that eventually everyone got tired of hearing it, and the line became a parody of itself. But sometimes, if not in Favre’s case, it still fits. You want to see someone who really is having fun out there? Check this again:

That’s the face of someone who plans on doing a lot more dancing at a lot more track meets in the future. You’ve been warned, internet. Can you handle it?

[h/t Reddit, via Spencer Hall]