Mike Francesa Falls Asleep On The Air, Wakes Up, Briefly Panics

  • Glenn Davis

Having his radio show simulcast on the YES Network seems like a great deal for Mike Francesa. It allows the guy who’s already the biggest name in New York sports radio to reach an even wider audience, and we’d imagine the network pays him handsomely for the privilege of showcasing him – all without any extra effort on Francesa’s part.

The only issue, though: when you’re on TV, there are certain things you have to keep in mind that you don’t if no one can see you. Things like how at any moment, millions might see you eating ice cream… or falling asleep (sorry, appearing to fall asleep) on the air:

Even if ol’ Mike’s made a habit of this over the years, could that look of terror when he realizes he just nodded off while his show was live ever get old? Not for our money, it couldn’t.

Of course, this was about as inconsequential as a radio host falling asleep during his own show could be, since luckily for Francesa, Sweeny Murti was filling the airwaves with Yankees-Red Sox tidbits while he caught his Z’s. (Poor Sweeny: not exactly a ringing endorsement from Francesa right there.) Had this not been televised, no one would have known a thing. In the grand scheme of things, not a huge deal: if anything, it makes Francesa fans love him even more. Even so, Mike: isn’t this what all that Diet Coke is for?

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