Mike Francesa Pooped On Keith Olbermann, Master Pooper

  • Matt Rudnitsky

When an arrogant narrowminded legend gets provoked by an arrogant, intellectual legend, the narrowminded man typically wins.

Recently, Keith Olbermann took a shot at Mike Francesa. Francesa is the intellectual lightweight in this battle, but he put on his Sombrer(br)o and challenged Olbermann to a cock-measuring contest. Francesa is the current winner, but knowing Olbermann’s ego (we like him, but, hey, dude’s got a huge ego), he might take some Extenze and fire back.

Here are Francesa’s comebacks.

To be the King of radio, you need not possess wisdom. All you need is bravado and ego, in copious portions. Francesa is, and will always be, the King.