Mike Francesa Assures A Skeptical Public He Never Fell Asleep During His Show

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday afternoon, the sports internet had a field day with a clip of iconic New York sports radio host Mike Francesa (appearing to) fall asleep during a Yankees update by reporter Sweeny Murti. The incident had no impact on the show – Murti was still talking when Francesa lifted his head back up – but Francesa made one of the greatest faces known to man upon stirring. And that was more than enough for the clip to immediately enter Francesa lore, right alongside classics like his recent savaging of the Mets and his failed attempt to covertly eat his ice cream.

But today, Francesa wanted to set the record straight. According to him, he closed his eyes while Murti was talking, but never actually fell asleep. He copped to being tired, thanks to a sleepless night resulting from caring for a sick kid and watching football into the wee hours, but sleep? No sir:

Do we believe Francesa was behind on sleep? Of course. Do we believe all he did was close his eyes? Let’s go to that gif again:

That’s a pretty startled expression for someone who never actually fell asleep. And let’s not forget that Francesa has a history of fishy explanations to explain on-air gaffes. Overall, though, Francesa did about as good a job as he could have explaining himself – especially in that he didn’t get too defensive. He didn’t speak like a man with something to hide. If only we could bring ourselves to believe him.

[h/t Jimmy Traina]