Did Mike Francesca Fall Asleep On Air Again?

  • Dylan Murphy

Two months ago, the world looked on as Mike Francesca fell asleep on air, only to be jolted back awake with a look of absolute horror on his face. Wait, do I have to talk now? No? Thank God. Well folks, it’s happened again, sort of. Unfortunately he wasn’t asleep for a solid thirty seconds this time, but he does briefly nod off until he snaps back into focus.

Though he may have just been resting his eyes, as he claimed last time, you can clearly see his eyes slowly shutting until he jolts back awake. Our own Glenn Davis is skeptical of this explanation, hesitant to call it a “jolt.” Nevertheless: Mike Francesca really needs to get some proper sleep.

It’s also worth mentioning that this happened while discussing the Jets – beating a dead horse, as they say.

[The Big Lead]