Just Like The Hangover 2, Mike Tyson Had To Do Another NBA Song

  • Evan Sporer

Earlier this week, Mike Tyson sang this song about LeBron James on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Well, in the interest of being unbiased, Kimmel had Iron Mike back on the show, only this time singing about Kevin Durant. This song, “Dr. Shootgood,” shows us the true endless range of Tyson’s musical palette.

“He’s got a 24-karat smile that all the girls can enjoy, and he run off the court and kiss his mama like a sissy boy.” I know everyone keeps talking about the maturation of this young Thunder team, but I think we need to start talking about the maturation of Mike Tyson, the lyricist. Is it too late to reverse Grammy decisions? Can we just give him next years Grammy’s? All of them?

But everyone sees what’s really going on here, right? Jimmy Kimmel is teaming up with David Stern to rig this series. Tyson writes a song about a player–his team loses that game. Can’t wait for the Game 3, Boshtrich song, followed by an OKC win.

h/t Outside the Boxscore