Mike Tyson Plays Herman Cain…And He’s Pretty Good At It

  • Glenn Davis

And, for a welcome change, here’s something enjoyable. Republican presidential contender Herman Cain continues to poll well, despite some very undesirable recent press and the suspicions of some that his entire candidacy is a performance art project.

The “performance art” thing is key: never can we remember the candidacy of someone with seemingly so much support being taken less seriously. (Not that Cain hasn’t helped that along himself.) And the video below only serves to continue that trend. In it, you’ll find some “campaign promises” from Cain. Well, Mike Tyson playing Herman Cain, more specifically.

And…it’s actually pretty funny. Tyson can definitely tend toward the creepy, but here, we have to say: he does well. The lines (“a restaurant so gross it made my children hate pizza”) are sharp, and Tyson nails the “slowly expanding smile” that’s a trademark of Cain’s campaign ads. It’s really a tremendous bit of weirdness overall…and somehow, it’s still not the weirdest Cain ad. See for yourself:

[Black Sports Online]