Mike Tyson Creepily Interacts With This Fox Sports Darts Girl, Then Drills Two Bulleyes Blindfolded To Impress Her

  • Jake O'Donnell

When Katie Nolan isn’t busying hosting “No-Filter w/ Katie Nolan” on FoxSports.com, she on Fox Sports One, hosting a segment called “Celebrities Throwing Sharp Objects Blindfolded” (part of “Crowd Goes Wild”). Yesterday, she had Mike Tyson on — Fox Sports go-to celebrity — who promptly made it very clear he likes her style.

How? Oh, just a series of creepy grunts and uh-huhs (then he said something something something “babe” when she asked him to put on the blindfold). I mean, she’s an attractive girl and he’s convicted sex offender, so the tension was inevitable. Tension that was oddly broken when Mike put three darts down the center of the board — two of which adjacent to each other in the red part of the bullseye.

Here some other notable dartists who’ve appeared on Nolan’s segment.