Mike Tyson Played A Rape Victim/Convicted Murderer On Law And Order: SVU And You Should Watch This Clip Of Him

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Former boxer/convicted rapist Mike Tyson appeared in Wednesday’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, where an ironic twist of fate brought him to the role of Reggie, an alleged murderer and rape victim.

While we’re used to seeing Mike Tyson, The Actor, turn in lighter fare, such as his portrayal of himself in The Hangover, this is just a little darker, and a little more awesome. In this particular scene, Reggie (Tyson) is pleaded to by Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) and Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) to testify for some reason or another, against the man who presumably did something scarring to Reggie in the past. It led to this tour de force by Tyson:

Tyson makes you feel almost bad for Reggie. It puts the viewer in an odd spot when you remember that Tyson himself is actually a formerly convicted rapist who spent three months in prison. Of course, this should have nothing to do with his character, but alas, the two are hard to separate. Regardless, that doesn’t really manner, because Tyson’s acting is second-to-none. You just gotta GET OUTTA HERE if you think otherwise.

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