Mississippi State Cheerleader Poses For Playboy, Controversy Likely To Ensue

  • Brad Cohen

It wasn’t really news when Taylor Stone posed nude for Playboy…until it was discovered that her real name is Taylor Corley, and that she is a Mississippi State University cheerleader.

The Playboy photos first appeared in November, and so far, the school has yet discipline the freshman. Whether Mississippi State will hand down sanctions now that the photos are starting to receive more attention remains to be seen (we’re hoping they don’t).

As SportsByBrooks points out, disciplining Corley now might come back to hurt Mississippi State:

If MSU officials choose to affect Corley’s status with the cheer squad because of her foray into modeling, the school might be surprised at the negative blowback it could receive.

For now, Corley is still actively cheering, and she competed with her team at UCA College National Championships last month (SbB also points out that she’s still on the cheer team’s official roster).

So you’re familiar with what the hullabaloo is about, here are some (mostly-clothed) photos from “Taylor Stone’s” Playboy shoot (probably not the safest for W). Click here for the others (NSFW), which veer more towards the nakey side of things.