It’s Still Spring Training For The MLB Network CSN Philly, Because That Is Definitely Not Denard Span

  • Dylan Murphy

During today’s Grapefruit League broadcast of the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies on the MLB Network. a graphic splashed across the screen highlighting key offseason additions around baseball: R.A. Dickey to the Toronto Blue Jays, Zack Greinke to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Denard Span to the Washington Nationals. Fancy!

Um, wait: that’s not Denard Span. It’s his teammate, fellow outfielder Roger Bernadina. And it’s “Zack” Greinke, with a “k.” Not “Zach.”

Fine, fine, it’s only February – everyone’s still working out the kinks. But that doesn’t mean Denard Span is happy about it:

UPDATE: As multiple readers have pointed out, MLB Network was merely rebroadcasting CSN Philly. So, fine, have your joke: it’s still spring training for us, too.