At Long Last, The NBA Lockout Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

  • Glenn Davis

If you judge events’ newsworthiness by whether or not they’ve been spoofed by NMA, the Taiwanese outfit that gave us unique perspectives on Dan Snyder, Brett Favre, Yao Ming and more, good (or maybe not so good) news: you can now care about the NBA lockout! Earlier today, they posted the story of basketball labor strife as only they could tell it, including David Stern as a chainsaw-and/or-flaming-cap-wielding ruthless dictator who uses his considerable power as a blunt instrument to overwhelm opposition. That, of course, is ridiculous: we’ve never seen Stern with a chainsaw.

We’ll give the video some credit for acknowledging that many are skeptical of Stern’s and owners’ claims that the league is hemorrhaging money, while also wondering if LeBron James (wearing a crown, of course) is the wrong poster boy for “extravagant contracts.” After all, it wasn’t even two weeks ago that Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski called the NBA’s stars “the most underpaid and undercompensated people in these labor negotiations.” But hey, if that’s the price we pay for seeing David Stern literally get in bed with a Time Warner Cable representative, we’ll take it.

[Off the Bench]