NBA Owners Reject Kings’ Move To Seattle, And A Maloof Brother Was Chased Into A Closet

  • Rick Chandler

In this the year of sports personalities coming out of the closet, how interesting is it to see one actually be chased into one? That’s what happened to George Maloof, one half of the Sacramento Kings’ current ownership brother duo. As he was leaving a meeting at the NBA Board of Governors meeting in Dallas earlier today, he was ambushed by a mob of reporters, and actually fled into a hotel bell stand closet.

Oh, we should mention that at that meeting, the owners voted to deny a bid to move the Kings to Seattle.

But Sactown Royalty has the real news:

#herewestayed, indeed.

Eventually Maloof was rescued from the closet, just as the celebration begins in Sacramento. A group led by investor Chris Hansen had a deal with the Maloofs to buy the team and move it to Seattle, but the Board of Governors shot that down today by a vote of 22-8. Just two months ago, it looked like the move was a done deal — but 11th-hour maneuvering by Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson and several other parties turned the tide.

Now it’s up to NBA Commissioner David Stern to talk the Maloofs into accepting an offer from a
competing ownership group in Sacramento. The Maloofs say that offer is not nearly acceptable at this point.

Still … party.