NBC Pulled An NBC And Aired A Promo Featuring Missy Franklin Receiving Gold Before Her Medal Race Aired

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

NBC aired a heartwarming promo Monday night featuring a package to air on Tuesday morning’s Today of 17-year-old U.S. swimmer Missy Franklin reuniting with her parents after winning gold in the 100m backstroke Monday night. The only problem? NBC hadn’t aired the medal race yet.

Come on NBC, this is getting old.

When we have to harp on the network more than once a day because of their misguided broadcast approach, OK, dumb broadcast approach (there, I said it) to these Olympics, you know they’re doing something wrong.

Let’s pretend not everyone in the country is on Twitter (there’s got to be at least one, right?) and some sorry sucker whose wi-fi was probably on the fritz hadn’t yet learned that Franklin won gold. They plop in front of their TV, excited that they were able to stay in the dark long enough for the Olympics’ marquee events to actually carry any significance when NBC finally decided to air them.

And then NBC goes ahead and trolls the last person in the country who didn’t know the outcome by letting the results slip in a promo before the race.

NBC, you’re like the opposite of “Citius. Altius. Fortius.”.

Video via CJ Fogler