Nets Minority Owner Jay-Z Raps About The Nets Sucking

  • Dan Fogarty

Yesterday, Jay-Z and Kanye West released an album together called Watch the Throne. It’s pretty good, even though Jay-Z used to rap about cool things, like the perils of being a drug dealer, and now spends his time talking about all of the tasteful art he’s collecting. But I digress.

On the album’s second track, “N*ggas in Paris,” Jay-Z begins by discussing just how little he gives a shit. He is so perfectly content with the world, in fact, that the team that he owns a minority stake in, the New Jersey Nets, could lose every single game they play next season and he would still not give a shit.

Ball so hard, this s–t crazy, y’all know that don’t s–t phase me
The Nets could go 0 for 82 and I look at you like this s–t gravy

It should be noted that SB Nation’s Tom Ziller has a slightly different interpretation of these lyrics: he thinks this is a reference to the lockout. In other words, if all 82 games of the NBA season were lost (0-82), and Jay-Z incurred operating losses because a team he owns isn’t playing, he would not bat an eyelash.

In my opinion, though, Jay-Z is talking about the Nets literally losing every game they play next season. He’s lived in the tri-state area long enough to know that it’s a distinct possibility.