New Shoe Company’s Logo is Sperm. Seriously.

  • Mohammed Rahman

A new shoe company like Gravity Defyer might hope that their logo would one day be just as recognizable as the Nike swoosh. So why would they waste their time and money by making a single sperm their trademark? It bears repeating: the logo of Gravity Defyer’s shoes are sperm.

Gravity Defyer CEO Alexander Elnekaveh, however, is defiant:

Our logo is deliberate. Our customers feel like they are getting the beginning of a new life when they try our shoes. We are not embarrassed by it.

Not embarrassed even though it will surely cost you your job or the ruination of your nascent company – whatever comes first?

The shoe could be great; it has a “Versoshock Trampoline” in the heel of the shoe, as described in the Business Insider, that is designed to alleviate pain and fatigue But who would ever know? QVC and Seventh Avenue, a catalog, refused to carry the line, so what’s the strategy besides hoping that there’s enough people to buy it as a goof?