New York Tabloids’ Back Pages Make Carmelo Anthony Cry

  • Glenn Davis

After another crushing Knicks playoff loss last night, we eagerly checked to see what the New York tabloids made of the Celtics’ 96-93 win (despite Carmelo Anthony’s 42 points) this morning. It didn’t take long to notice a pattern. To see what we mean…here’s the Daily News:

And the Post:

Not that we blame either paper. Sometimes one picture really does say it all, and when the night’s would-be hero does a double facepalm that makes him appear to weep on a night the team could have won, but didn’t (the second such game in a row)…yeah, that was the perfect photo.

If forced to judge between the two, we’re going with the Daily News, because we liked their headline better. And, hey, Post staff: if you happen to see that we liked the Daily News cover better today, and for some reason: 1) care, and 2) decide you have to, say, create another crazy theme cover to even the score…we won’t stop you, is all we’re saying.