The New York Tabloids Are So Over This Jeremy Lin Thing

  • Glenn Davis

Well, Jeremy Lin had a terrible game last night, and the Knicks lost to the Heat. Neither of those facts should come as a shock – for one thing, the Heat are way better than the Knicks (they’re better, in fact, than everyone else in the league at the moment). Plus, it was only a matter of time before Lin’s propensity for turnovers would be coupled with a poor shooting night, making for an ugly stat line all-around (1-for-11 shooting, eight points, three assists, eight turnovers). He’ll have more bad games. He’ll have more good games, too. That’s how it goes. But good luck telling that to the New York Post and New York Daily News:

Honestly, in a way it’s almost refreshing to see a new twist on the Lin pun meme after so much Linsanity. And Lin, given the fact that he’s basically all anyone cares about anymore, had to be the cover boy, and given his play, the headlines weren’t going to be positive.

Still… pretty rough on the guy. Pretty rough on the Knicks as a whole, really. “Knicks look lost”? Well, they lost to the Heat by 14 – but considering the Heat had won each of their seven previous games by at least 12 points, suddenly a 14-point defeat doesn’t look so bad. In fact, the real wonder was how long the Knicks stayed in the game in spite of Lin’s struggles.

Oh well… at least the Lin puns were different. And this entire exercise was predictable anyway: Jimmy Traina, who tweeted the above picture, said the “build ’em up, tear ’em down” nature of the cover was “media 101.” We’re not sure about overall media 101, but New York tabloid 101, where the house style is to try to overreact to everything more loudly than the other tabloid? No question. Welcome to the big city, Jeremy.