Video: Barack Obama And John Boehner Achieve Bipartisanship Through…Playing Golf

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

President Barack Obama‘s overly-hyped golf outing with Speaker of the House John Boehner got underway today at Andrews military base without much fanfare. No, but actually … those hoping for comedy to ensue will be sorely disappointed. Certainly the most entertaining part of the accompanying video is that the scene looks straight out of a spy movie, and you’re half-expecting some FBI hidden camera to be transmitting footage back to undercover agents staked out in an unmarked van:

We’ve provided a summary below for those who are too unmotivated to watch the clip from the first hole:

1. Vice president Joe Biden sinks 15-20 foot putt. Obama is excited and asks nearby reporters if they all caught that.

2. Obama’s putt goes just past the hole.

3. Obama all but drags ball into hole with his club. (Hey, I thought that wasn’t allowed?)

4. Boehner drains short putt. Boehner is excited.

5. Obama pats Boehner on the back. Chalk one up for Democrats and Republicans getting along!!

6. Obama drives golf cart.

UPDATE: Although there was discussion about White House officials allegedly “playing coy about whether they will release the score,” the final outcome has in fact been made public. Team Obama/Boehner took down Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich, winning on the 18th hole. The winners pocketed $2 apiece.