OK, LeBron’s Wedding Save The Date Is Actually Kind Of Adorable

  • Glenn Davis

So TMZ got its hands on the save the date cards for LeBron James’ wedding later this year. LeBron – or, as you might better know him, the most clutch guy ever – got engaged to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson over a year ago, you’ll remember.

Why are we talking about it, then? Are we desperate to dish on the details of the wedding (which, according to the cards, will take place in San Diego over the weekend of September 13-15)? Do we mean to highlight TMZ ending its piece with a hiLARious joke about the oldest stereotype about Jews in the book (that we guess they figure they can get away with because Harvey Levin is Jewish, but they’ve been called out on it by a couple people so apparently not)? Well, no – we’re actually here to talk about an illustration that came with the save the date card. That illustration:

It’s OK. We’ll allow you all some time to “awwwwwwwww” together. … And… OK. Good? Expressed proper appreciation for cuteness of illustration? Good. Honestly, though, if self-deprecating jokes are the best way to disarm people who hate you, reminding them that you have young, cute kids has to be close behind. LeBron already does this in his Twitter avatar, but putting it in cartoon form is another level of cuteness-redemption. We hope LeBron and Savannah have a nice wedding… and we especially hope LeBron Jr. and Bryce enjoy it because AWWWWW LOOK AT THOSE KIDS. Tip, though: do not ride outside the plane on the way to San Diego. That would be dangerous.

[h/t Complex]

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