One-Armed High School Football Player Plays Big Role

  • Barry Rothbard

Chance Anthony, a 157 pound student-athlete from Breckinridge County High in Kentucky, leads his high school team in catches and starts at wide receiver and linebacker. He also has only one arm.

Anthony was born missing the lower half of his right arm, but can bench press 235 pounds by balancing the bar on what acts as his right arm and his family calls “Nubby.”

Here’s an excerpt from the profile on Anthony by Rivals’ Steve Politi:

Breckinridge coach Scott Mooney said caught his first glimpse of that arm in action across the weight room one day. He saw a bench-press bar tilted dangerously in one direction, and fearing that somebody would get hurt, rushed across the room and started yelling.

“When I saw it, it was just a foot-in-mouth moment,” Mooney said. In order to bench press, Chance supports most of the weight with his hand and balances the other half of the bar on the end of his right arm.

“I was fixing to get on somebody for being unsafe,” the coach said, “and what was going on was, here was a kid who had every excuse in the world not to do the bench press doing his workout. I knew he was special then.

Anthony also has a 3.6 grade point average, can shoot a rifle, and is a nominee for the “High School Rudy Award.” Bam.

Image, story via Rivals