Opening Ceremony Video: People Kissing Was The Best Part Of The Whole Thing

  • Dan Fogarty

Even though it included a scene from a Hugh Grant movie, this video from the Opening Ceremony in London — wherein people just smooch the hell out of each other — was the best part of the night’s festivities. And, really, there’s not much to explain here: Two attractive people walk toward each other, kiss, “Song 2” by Blur comes on, then a quick cut of famous cinematic smooches ensues.

So, to recap:

Hugh Grant (eh), attractive people (getting better), real-time kiss (we’re getting there), “Song 2” (almost there!), cinematic smooches (WOO-HOOOO!).

Here’s video of the best part of the 2012 Opening Ceremony, where people just ate each other’s faces right up.

Video via CJ Fogler.