These Olympics-Themed Parks And Recreation Promos Should Really Be Blowing Up The Internet By Now

  • Glenn Davis

Yeah, the Olympics were almost over when NBC posted this video on Friday of Parks and Recreation characters Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford wrestling (for the record, there were Olympics-themed promos like this for a few different shows), but does it even matter? It’s Ron Swanson owning an exceptionally weak man – i.e. internet porn.

Really, Ron Swanson is such guaranteed internet gold (why do you think New Era tapped Nick Offerman to co-star in its series of web-based rivalry ads during baseball season?) that the only thing a bit surprising to us is the relatively modest view count – as of this writing, at least – of the video above. Sure, Parks and Rec isn’t a mega-hit (or even a hit, at least among general audiences), but we’d have thought viral traffic would win the day. Maybe everyone was busy burying NBC for its coverage of the actual Olympics to notice.

Oh, and that wasn’t the only Parks and Rec Olympics promo, either. There was also this, and even another Swanson-centric one:

Wait – Ron eating disgusting quantities of food in front of a rapt audience while spouting in-your-face nationalism, and even that hasn’t broken the internet? We all need to step our games up.