These User-Generated Logos For The New Orleans Pelicans Will Defy Your Expectations

  • Dan Fogarty

99designs, the crowdsourcing logo design service where users compete for prize money, is holding a contest in which its legion of art school grads attempt to brand the unbrandable: the New Orleans Pelicans, which, it was reported earlier this month, would be the new name for the NBA’s sputtering Louisiana franchise.

It’s worth noting that the name change isn’t official yet, and the NBA has registered a few other trademarks for possible use: the Rougarou, the Mosquitos, the Swamp Dogs, and the Bullsharks are all still on the table. But if the Hornets are indeed going to become the Pelicans — and if these crowdsourced gems are any indication — their branding choices won’t be terrible. (Mostly, as our own Glenn Davis noted, because “Pelicans in hats” seems to be a running theme here.)

To the logos we go.


Oh, and once you’re done perusing, head over to 99designs to vote in their contest.