People Are Still Blaming Us For Getting Rid Of The Speed Channel

  • Eric Goldschein

It’s been nearly a month since the Speed Channel died so Fox Sports 1 could live. It was an issue that, frankly, we had not considered — while most people were excited for a potential ESPN-killing-channel, nobody was talking about what that would mean for motor sports fans.

This decision angered roughly a billion jillion people worldwide, based on all the hate mail we received on the topic. What made that outcry so perplexing was a combination of its existence at all and the fact that it was directed at us. As if we owned Fox Sports! Nothing could be further from the truth, dear readers. We have greater ambitions.

And yet, despite explaining the situation in our followup post, people continue to send us emails, blaming us for the gaping hole in their lives. So here is part two of our reader reactions to the death of Speed Channel: Still Very Mad At Us Specifically Edition.


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