Playboy Continues Sports Coup With Polish Swimmer Luiza Hryniewicz

  • Dan Fogarty

Next month’s issue of well-known gentleman’s magazine Playboy will feature Polish swimmer Luiza Hryniewicz, and the first photo from the issue has been released (hooray!). Hryniewicz, a statuesque Junior European champion from Lodz, Poland, just looks like a model. And apparently, she prefers it to swimming.

“Swimming was fun, but modeling is better,” Hryniewicz told the Sun. “The swimming helped shape my figure and that’s helped me get the photo shoots I always wanted.”

It’s the second time this month that Playboy has thrust itself (no pun intended) into the sports world. Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley found herself in the middle of a hullabaloo when it was revealed she posed for the magazine under the pseudonym “Taylor Stone” (thankfully, the University allowed her to remain on the team).

Here is the picture from Hryniewicz from Playboy, as well as a few others from her modeling career.


[h/t Deadspin]