This New York Post Article About A Domestic Violence Incident Has An Extremely Unfortunately Placed Ad

  • Dylan Murphy

A few moments ago, I came across this New York Post article concerning Hal Douglas Quinn, owner of MLS club FC Dallas, who’s accused of beating, choking and smothering his wife, Elizabeth, with a pillow until she passed out. The disturbing violence happened on Saturday afternoon, the day after the owner’s 50th birthday bash, and the couple still plans to stay together despite Elizabeth’s eye being swollen shut, among other injuries, and the pending court case.

The story is horrible, without a doubt. But before x-ing out of the Safari tab, I happened to peek over to the right side of the page, shown above. And there sat a Google ad which, in my estimation, might be the most poorly placed ad I’ve encountered in a long time.

Now don’t go ’round blaming the New York Post, because Google ads change every time the page is refreshed. Still, GAAAAHHHH.

(Click to enlarge.)

[NY Post]