Ryan Lochte And Prince Harry Had A Wild Vegas Weekend, Just As The Prophets Foretold

  • Glenn Davis

Ryan Lochte’s been a busy man lately. He swam at the Olympics. He made some Funny or Die videos. He did a 90210 cameo. He weighed some reality show offers. He kibitzed with Jay Leno and Joan Rivers. And when you do all that, you’ve got to unwind somehow. As so many have before him, Lochte did it by going to Vegas. As very, very few have before him, though, Lochte didn’t just party with anyone – he partied with royalty. Specifically, England’s Prince Harry:

Such a high-profile pool partier crossing paths with one of America’s foremost pool experts – was it destiny? #Jeah, you know it was. But Harry wasn’t satisfied with a mere meeting. No, he just had to challenge the 11-time Olympic medalist in his own habitat. How’d that work out? See for yourself, via the New York Daily News:

Sorry, Harry, but this is our response to you:

Let’s zoom in a bit:

THESE COLORS DO SWIM YEAH BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Way to do that movement, Ryan.


Lochte/Harry photo by Coleman-Rayner; grill photo via Getty