PTI Free Agency Summit: Simmons Still Doesn’t See LeBron On The Heat (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

With a supposed free agent summit taking place (or not) between LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade that could lead to the three teaming up in with the Miami Heat (or not), Pardon The Interruption delved into the NBA free agency issue today with a summit of its own. The participants: hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, along with Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard and ESPN columnist Bill Simmons.

For the record, Simmons still doesn’t see the Heat package deal happening: “The only time we’ve ever seen two big-time, big-time scorers play together was Elgin Baylor and Jerry West – they never won a title together…somebody’s gonna say, ‘All right, it’s my team, I’m gonna win this game for us, and how do you decide?”

LeBatard, though, said he’s certain that Wade “absolutely wants” to land LeBron and Bosh. And Simmons admitted the allure of potentially playing for Pat Riley in Miami by saying Riley pulled off “one of the better coaching jobs we’ve seen in the last 20-25 years.”

Simmons described his “dream scenario” is LeBron joining Dirk Nowitzki (who today opted out of his contract with the Dallas Mavericks) with the Chicago Bulls – again, consistent with his long-held “the best basketball move for LeBron is to go to Chicago” belief.

Wilbon echoed Simmons’ Heat doubts, saying, “Who’s going to lead that team?” Both Wilbon and Simmons evaded Kornheiser’s question of, “If LeBron played with Bosh and with Wade, would they win titles?” saying they didn’t know (LeBatard’s answer was an emphatic yes), sparking predictable but still entertaining indignation from Kornheiser, and that was that.

Overall, the segment did give us five pretty good minutes, and the panel also stars in a half-hour special (airing now on ESPN) addressing the same topic. It’s unlikely we’ll learn much more about any person’s position on the free agency issue than we already did on PTI, but we’d still recommend checking it out since these four will probably find some interesting ways to amuse themselves.

Video of the PTI “summit” below: