That’s Cute, A Bunch Of Hockey Players Wearing Horrible Christmas Sweaters. Hey, Wait A Minute…

  • Glenn Davis

HBO’s 24/7 series is still giving us an inside look at the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers leading up to the NHL’s Winter Classic…and believe it or not, this week, someone finally stole the spotlight from Flyers goalie/theorizer on the universe and dogs and women Ilya Bryzgalov. No, the stars this week were the Rangers…and the ugly sweaters they wore to a team holiday party (sadly – or thankfully – the team didn’t go this far):

But as hideous as all of those sweaters were, there could only be one player whose attire stood out from the crowd. That attire belonged to defenseman Michael Del Zotto:

Twice the fun for Rudolph, indeed. Good thing this is an HBO show. Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski said the sweater “may be the greatest non-Bryzgalov moment of Season 2,” and it’s hard to disagree. Bryzgalov better come up with an interesting philosophy on something, and soon, or his reign of 24/7 supremacy could be over.

Or maybe he shouldn’t focus on that, because our favorite stoner spokesman goalie is struggling between the pipes lately. He went on a nice run after a rough start, but now he’s allowed at least four goals in three of his last four games (all four of which ended in Flyer losses). His latest game, against Tampa Bay, was his worst of the bunch, letting up five scores while making just 11 saves. We hope he gets things straightened out – hopefully he thinks about how small his struggles are relative to the universe, and that does the trick.