Rebecca Grant Grabs Her Chest At Clippers Game, Wrecks Twitter, Is New Katherine Webb

  • Rick Chandler

Want to hit it big in sports media? First, make sure you’re smoking hot. Then get a ticket to a major sporting event and get yourself in some TNT camera shots. It helps if you grab your chest and basically vogue as much as possible. Brent Musburger drooling over you is optional. I don’t know how I missed this at the time, but apparently we have a new viral sexpot sensation from a recent major sporting event. Here’s Rebecca Grant, who was spotted in the stands at Game 7 of the Warriors-Clippers game in LA, doing whatever hot TV wannabe models do. And now she’s a major thing.

Who is Rebecca Grant? She’s a print ad and magazine model who sometimes appears on Fox Sports shows. International Business Times:

Grant, a New York native and graduate of the University of New York at Buffalo, worked alongside Greg Proops as a host of Fox Sports World before furthering her television career on shows such as “Throut and Neck,” “NFL Under the Helmet” and “Truck Shop.” She has also modeled in major print and TV ad campaigns for companies like Budweiser, Coors and Keystone. Grant has also appeared in Maxim and FHM magazines.

Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing her in an upcoming episode of “Cosmos”, however:

Know you know you’re famous? When you make the front pages in The Netherlands.