Reggie Miller Curses On Live TV In Warriors’ Post-Game Locker Room

  • Rick Chandler

WTF, Reggie? Remember when basketball coaches swore at the players in the locker room, and broadcasters minded their manners and made the dull remarks? (See: Knight, Bobby — Fucking Purdue). TNT/Turner/Bleacher Report flipped the script on Thursday night when Reggie Miller ventured into the Warriors’ locker room following their 92-88 series-clinching win over the Nuggets.

Miller, who had just performed color analyst duties for the game on TNT, gave a speech to the team on live TV (he’s a longtime friend of Warriors coach Mark Jackson). I have no real problem with that part of it — anyone who thinks that Miller breached some Great Wall of Impartiality needs to be reminded that the wall came down quite a while back. Pro sports is entertainment TV now, and has been for quite some time. What, you thought it was journalism? You do know that Shaquille O’Neal is a TNT analyst, right? Grow up, as Joan Rivers would say.

But Miller should at least be professional enough not to blurt out a curse word during his talk. Remember A.J. Clemente, the North Dakota news anchor who got fired for cursing during a newscast? At least he has the excuse of it being his first day on the job. Miller’s been doing this for a while (sadly), and now here he is with a verbal nipple slip. Excerpt from the speech:

MILLER: “The love that you show your assistant coaches, the owners, your head coach and each other, it shows out there on the court. Now, the last three minutes, I don’t know where all that shit came from …”

JACKSON: (Raises hand) “That stuff, that stuff …”

MILLER: “That stuff — sorry, I forgot about this locker room …”

Seems like he forgot about the camera a well.

The Warriors almost blew an 18-point lead to finally prevail by four, in case you’re wondering what “shit” Miller was talking about.

Will Miller be disciplined for this? Maybe, if there are enough voices crying foul this morning. But in general this TNT broadcasting club answers to no one — it’s like spring break with cameras. Maybe they’ll ditch the post-game speeches by their talent, though. That would be wise. Barkley’s looming out there, waiting to strike.

But watch the video to the end, where Jackson brings in the team and Harrison Barnes Draymond Green leads a prayer. In fact, in a post-game interview out on the floor, Jackson gave credit to God for the win about five times, ending with “It was my guys and my God.” I had no idea the Warriors’ locker room was so Bible-Campy. Who gets the blame when the Spurs beat them in 5 games?