Ric Bucher’s New Book To Detail “Miami Heat’s Hijacking Of NBA” (UPDATE)

  • Dan Fogarty

Ric Bucher will apparently be the first NBA reporter out of the gate with a book about the LeBron James free agency clustermess of 2010.

Bucher’s “behind-the-scenes story of the Miami Heat’s hijacking of the NBA” was snagged by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt yesterday, according to Publisher’s Marketplace. No word yet on when the book will be published, or how much Bucher’s deal is worth.

The book will deal with the LeBron’s signing with Miami and the “resulting upheaval across the entire league, from Nike headquarters to the Knicks’ war room, from South Beach to Cleveland, LA to the Boston parquet — in short, the struggle for the future of professional basketball.” Spicy.

UPDATE: ESPN PR just sent me this statement from Bucher:

“Houghton Mifflin recognizes what an apocalyptic event the three superstars joining forces in Miami is for the NBA in particular and sports in general. This book isn’t just about how they pulled it off, but all the forces unleashed as a result, forces that promise to change how the league looks and operates forever. I’m thrilled that Susan Canavan and her publishing house have afforded me the forum to capture, in depth, the behind-the-scenes events that will forge that transformation.”

The book’s tentative title is “Overheated.” No word yet on if I will send Houghton’s publicist, Lori Glazer, flowers.