RIP OUT THE JUGULAR: One Guy Brilliantly Animated, Wrote, And Voiced A Cartoon Parody Of ESPN's 2014 World Cup Coverage

  • Jake O'Donnell

Let us just say that Sean Rohani did an exceptional job with every aspect of this video — especially voices — and especially especially the quirks of the panelists. Lalas is a blowhard, Van Nistelroy doesn’t have anything to say, Ballack sounds/acts like Schwarzenegger, Lynsey Hipgrave isn’t exactly charming, and Landon Donovan is sleepy. Yep, that about sums ’em up.

Meanwhile in not-supposed-to-be-funny world, Adidas rendered some pretty breathtaking watercolor animations of the 2014 World Cup semifinals between Brazil-Germany and Argentina-Holland. Those are worth checking out, as well.

[H/T Next Impulse]