Did Cameras Accidentally Catch SportsCenter Anchor Robert Flores’ Afternoon Nap? (UPDATE)

  • Glenn Davis

UPDATE: According to Flores’ own Twitter, the cameras spied him…tweeting. Based on the timing of his tweets from earlier in the day, said tweet would have been about either the Federer-Tsonga match or a remake of War Games. The wonders of technology.

The original post is below.

Earlier this afternoon on SportsCenter, NFL analyst Marcellus Wiley shared his list of the league’s top players with anchor David Lloyd. At first glance, unremarkable – the type of segment the show needs to fill the hours, especially with nothing of note happening on the NFL front as all the hopeful talk of the lockout ending remains only talk. (Peyton Manning topped Wiley’s list, for those curious.)

And we were curious – only our curiosity didn’t have anything to do with what Wiley was saying. This is no fault of Wiley’s, mind you – it’s just that in the middle of his segment, we spotted something unusual. While Wiley lamented the omission of the Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware from ESPN bloggers’ top 10 players list, the camera suddenly cut to Lloyd’s co-anchor Robert Flores, who was back at the desk. He looked…disengaged:

Well…not tough to see why they cut right back away from him. Not having worked on a television program, we can’t speak to how often an off-camera anchor nods off (or checks his phone tweeting, or whatever Flores might have been doing there), but we’re guessing this is not the first time something like this has ever happened.

We can, however, say this with certainty: it was funny. And here’s a version of the segment that aired later, apparently-snoozing (or tweeting) Flores notably absent.